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Site Work

A crucial part in any project, site work lays the first step in which everything will be based off.

Site work is a job done on a construction site before building the actual structure.

How It Works

The soil where the asphalt will be laid down is evened out and compressed. The compression ensures that nothing moves under the asphalt and, therefore, under the building.


Not only does asphalt serve a functional purpose in a residential site, but it extends to provide aesthetic value as well. 

For a residential project, the paving site work usually takes form as a driveway. Driveways are the first thing people see when passing through your property. 

With that said, they are crucial for the curb appeal of any house, so it is only consequential that they be made nice to look at and durable. 

Homeowners’ desire for a higher-end aesthetic has increased the popularity of asphalt stamping. Stamping the asphalt can make it look like more expensive materials, such as stone pavers or bricks. Stamping the asphalt gives the material a shape and can also be colored to whatever the homeowner likes.

Public Works

Construction projects that focus on government projects, like roads, sidewalks, bike trails, and the likes are what we consider public works. 

Since local governments work with a limited budget, they often turn to asphalt. For many local projects, contractors usually use asphalt for repaving, rather than laying down a brand new road.


For commercial sites, there is much less emphasis on the aesthetic value but almost entirely on function. The paving site work for commercial purposes usually takes form as a parking lot. 

Additionally, there may be miscellaneous structures, such as slabs, for equipment to sit on. Since commercial sites are bigger than a residential, commercial asphalt takes much longer to install. Contractors do not typically stamp commercial asphalt, but they do paint parking lots.

Benefits of site work

Paving a building site prior to completion of construction has several benefits:

  • Reduces erosion. Site paving covers the underlying subgrade and can significantly lessen the chances of an erosion.
  • Reduces erection and storage costs. A smooth, hard, solid surface improves crane, forklift and hoist mobility. An asphalt-treated base pavement acts as an ideal materials storage pad, helping to keep building materials clean, organized and out of the mud or dust of the season.
  • Reduces grading cost and time. With an asphalt-treated base, the site need only be graded once. Without site paving areas of heavy construction traffic may need to be periodically graded.
  • Removes the need for costly select material. With asphalt being budget friendly, there is no need to look for another material that, at the same time, ensures a floor slab that is dry and waterproof.

    For many local projects, contractors usually use asphalt for repaving, rather than laying down a brand new road.

    Pollan offers concrete and asphalt paving, sealing, striping and complete site work services.

Site Work

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