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Sealcoating Service

To protect asphalt pavement, a preventive
maintenance like sealcoating is a must.

To protect the asphalt pavement from these harmful materials and to prolong its life expectancy, there needs to be preventive maintenance that utilizes sealcoating.

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements to give it a layer of protection from chemicals that cause deterioration. It won’t cure existing cracks and other damages, however it helps prevent those from happening.
Sealcoats are typically bituminous based products or acrylics. The sealcoat is in a liquid formulation of one of the above emulsions, mixed with water, silica sand, polymer additives, and other proprietary fillers and solids. These products can be applied by brush, spray or squeegee. 

A regularly scheduled sealcoating program will more than double the life of the asphalt, saving you significant dollars down the line. Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars for new pavement, it is more cost-effective to spend only pennies on the dollar per square foot to maintain.
Seal coats are a mixture of liquids and small particle solids (like grains of sand, dissolved asphalt, polymer additives, and other mineral fillers) and are applied by spray or squeegee. 

Once it is applied to the surface of an asphalt pavement, oils in the sealcoat flow down and help restore asphalt oils that have dried up over time. 

At the same time, the tiny asphalt, sand, and mineral particles fill in small cracks and gaps. With the oils restored, and the cracks and gaps filled in, the asphalt pavement surface now becomes even and looks like a new pavement.
Acid rain, U.V.rays, and other chemicals when introduced into asphalt degrades the materials that bind the asphalt, resulting in deterioration.
  • Doing sealcoating service extends the life expectancy of the pavement by preventing the asphalt from hardening and crumbling.
  • Seal coats are wallet-friendly. The low cost of regular sealcoating can save you money in the long run.
  • Sealcoating creates an attractive, uniform top-layer to the pavement.
  • Sealing protects the driveway from salts, chemicals, and moisture from entering the pavement.
  • Sealcoating enhances skid-resistance. It restores the surface, providing additional traction.
  • Sealcoating is a cost-effective way of repairing or surfacing the existing pavement, extending the life of the pavement and driveway.

Why is sealcoating service necessary?

Sealcoating your asphalt pavement is an easy way to extend it's life and improve the curb appeal of your property. If sealcoating is avoided, cracks start to appear which causes potholes. If applied regularly, it will save you money in the long run.

Sealcoating service extends the life of your asphalt and increase its curb appeal.

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