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Asphalt provides a quiet, smooth, resilient surface, and is one of the most versatile pavement materials used in modern construction.

Asphalt paving means paving road surface with asphalt aggregate.

Asphalt provides a quiet, smooth, resilient surface, and is one of the most versatile pavement materials used in modern construction.
It is a low maintenance, resilient and durable surface material that can last for many years if the proper steps are taken throughout the construction process. Pavements made from asphalt add up the best value for people, with lowest life cycle cost.
New construction asphalt paving jobs require the right equipment, the right high quality materials, and trained and experienced professionals who know how to use them. From small, light traffic parking lots to heavy duty truck terminals requiring deep strength paving, our professional and knowledgeable technicians will design and construct the right specs for your needs.
A long lasting and durable asphalt driveway provides enough slope for water to drain off. Water should not ever pool in the driveway or next to the driveway where it will weaken the soil and base below.
The foundation to a good and long lasting driveway is the underlying granular base. It both provides a stable surface for the asphalt and prevents moisture from penetrating the base, thus protecting against winter damage.
Applying the asphalt itself should be undertaken with care, because asphalt is heated to about 300 degrees. Use a paving machine to distribute between 3 and 4 inches of hot asphalt. Then the contractor will take a heavy rolling device and compact the base and the asphalt itself. 
For the asphalt, the roller needs to weigh at least a ton, because vibration causes the material to compact from the bottom up and produce a strong foundation. Once the asphalt is compacted, the edges are then raked, tamped and formed to 45-degree angles.
In addition, our expert grading crews can prepare your new construction site by balancing the sub grade and finish-grading the aggregate base, both of which are essential to achieve proper results and to extend the longevity of the asphalt pavement.

Asphalt is quiet, smooth, and long-lasting


Safe, Quality Paving

Safety is a top priority at Pollan Paving. With every construction project, we take extra care in the well being of our clients, the public, and our employees. In this way, we provide safe, quality paving.
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