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Concrete Repair

Concrete pavements are also susceptible to damage and failure to maintain them will
require a repair.

Almost all structures around us are made from concrete

Like any other things, concrete also needs to be maintained because it is also affected by the stresses and strains of everyday life. Failure to do so can lead to aesthetic, function or structural problems.
Pavement is a floor or covering of solid material, laid so as to make a hard and convenient surface for travel. There are typically three general categories: flexible, rigid and unpaved. It is built to provide a smooth riding surface and adequate surface friction, protect the subgrade and act as a waterproofing surface. 
The concrete used for pavements can be modified and changed in various ways as per the requirement. Concrete pavements should be strong, durable, and cost-effective. 

There are different kinds of concrete pavements such as jointed unreinforced concrete pavement, jointed reinforced concrete pavement, continuously reinforced concrete pavement. 
Pavement deterioration is the process by which distress develops in the pavement under the combined effects of traffic loading and environmental conditions. Construction quality can greatly affect the performance of the pavement. 
There are different types of pavement deterioration. The most common is cracking which is classified into various cracks such as fatigue, longitudinal, transverse, block, slippage, reflective and edge cracking. Surface deformation, disintegration and surface defects are also types of pavement deterioration.

There are several causes of pavement deterioration:

Sudden increase in traffic loading especially on new roads where the design is based on lesser traffic
Temperature variation ranging from 50 degrees Celsius to below zero conditions
Provision of poor shoulders leading to edge failures
Poor drainage conditions especially during rainy seasons, forcing the water to enter the pavement from the sides as well as from the top surface.

We specialize in concrete repairs. As Memphis' leading paving contractor, doing concrete repair is our expertise. Feel at ease while we do the work for you.

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