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Concrete Paving

This service offers numerous benefits. While not everyone considers this as an option, this is worth looking into.

Made of cement, aggregate stone, and water mixture, concrete is the most used man-made material in the world.

From highways, airports, streets, roads & parking lots all the way to industrial and commercial pavements, concrete is highly an adaptable product. Available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, they are a perfect fit for any pavement projects. It has numerous benefits and we’ve listed them down below for your reference.

Concrete Paving as LOW-MAINTENANCe option

Concrete pavement does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, for routine maintenance, a water hose is sufficient to rinse dirt away. 

During spring and summer, you can use your usual garden weed spray to prevent weeds from growing on your pavement. The lesser requirement for maintenance, the lesser you will call for paving services. In addition, concrete is the most popular paving material due to its economical cost.

concrete paving is WEATHER-RESISTANt

Due to its ability to withstand higher temperatures, concrete can resist freezing and thawing. Even in strong weather they usually don’t have severe cracks. Its physical attributes and natural strength make them weather resistant.

Property Value

Concrete pavement adds a great price to your property. In fact, concrete pavement makes your property sell quickly, as people actually prefer concrete than asphalt paving.

Environmentally Friendly Paving option

Aside from being budget-friendly, concrete is good for the environment. Concrete is produced from the widely available limestone and producing concrete creates less environmental pollution, and cars run with better fuel efficiency on concrete. 

Moreover, concrete is recyclable. Once crushed, it becomes a gravel which can then be used in a variety of ways. In addition, concrete surfaces reflect 5 times more light than asphalt, reducing street public lighting energy consumption by as much as 37%.


Thanks to its natural strength, concrete pavement goes for years with no major concrete repairs requirement. It may last up to 30 years and even more depending on the maintenance. Undoubtedly, concrete paving materials have stronger characteristics compared to that of asphalt.

Cooler than Asphalt

Concrete pavement absorbs less heat than asphalt, increasing the driver’s comfort and decreasing energy consumption by air conditioning devices.

You see, this service offers numerous benefits. While not everyone considers this as an option, this is worth looking into. Whether it is commercial or residential, Pollan understands that your concrete paving needs are not only for your convenience, but also for the safety for everyone around you. With every construction project, we take extra care for the well-being of our clients, the public, and our employees.

Pollan Paving offers this option as a long lasting solution with low maintenance.

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Safety is a top priority at Pollan Paving. With every construction project, we take extra care in the well being of our clients, the public, and our employees. In this way, we provide safe, quality paving.
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