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Asphalt Repair in Memphis

High Quality Asphalt Repair in Memphis

Why Does Asphalt Breakdown Overtime?

Typically, it’s an issue of being exposed to the elements. Rain and water get into the asphalt which will then expand when frozen, causing cracks and holes. 

Plants grow in the asphalt making these small cracks even worse. With cars driving over the surface, it will also eventually breakdown and need some type of repair. 

Sometimes, parts of the asphalt tend to bend or warp from the changing of temperatures making it require some type of repairs.

You will need high quality asphalt repair when these problems happen. This will help to increase the curb appeal of your home or businesses getting rid of all the possible problems that might be there right now.
Asphalt paving

What Can You Do?

There are a number of services and solutions you have to look out for when in need of repairs.

These might be things such as:

  • Removing the weeds or plants including roots while filling in small cracks
  • Resurfacing of the asphalt making it look new once again
  • Fixing small depressions on the surface making it even once again
  • Asphalt crack filing taking care of issues with larger cracks in the surface
  • Resealing of the driveway or parking lot surface 
  • Total asphalt replacement redoing the driveway or parking lot 
  • Expanding the area adding more asphalt for additional walkways or parking spaces 

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Safe, Quality Paving

Safety is a top priority at Pollan Paving. With every construction project, we take extra care in the well being of our clients, the public, and our employees. In this way, we provide safe, quality paving.
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