3605 Lamar Avenue,
Memphis, TN 38118

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Pollan Paving is a long standing member of the Memphis contracting community, a community that values hard work, integrity and safety.

Pollan Paving was founded in 1983 by Ron Pollan originally as C.R. Pollan Paving Co. and his focus was on building lasting relationships with his customers, providing the highest quality of work and standing behind his work. We understand that when many people build a relationship between a company and a customer they are trying to play roulette free. That's why we analyze the problems of our clients. Since then we have strived to keep those core principles going while building a reputation as one of the top paving companies in the Memphis area.

Mr. Pollan had an unequaled work ethic and made sure that he passed this along to his employees and his family. We promise to keep providing the highest quality of work and keep the principles established by Mr. Pollan going into the future.

We pride ourselves on our service, safety and our work and we hope to earn your trust as we hope to build new and long lasting customer relationships.

We are proud to serve this community and have built a client roster that includes local, regional and national property management companies, major corporations as well as homeowner associations, public agencies and utility contractors.

Give us a call and let us earn your business.

We offer professional and reliable service.

Our estimators are experienced paving professionals with an extensive background to accurately assess problem areas and provide more inclusive solutions.
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Safe, Quality Paving

Safety is a top priority at Pollan Paving. With every construction project, we take extra care in the well being of our clients, the public, and our employees. In this way, we provide safe, quality paving.
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3605 Lamar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38118
(901) 362-2426
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